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ELLY x KILI Hope For Children
Hope For Children

My Story

Oh hey there! I see that you have landed on my fundraising page. My name is Elly, and I'm a second-year BA English student at UCL.

I’m part of a team at UCL raising money for Hope For Children, and I’ve set myself quite an ambitious fundraising target (£2990/RM16,030/SGD5,260) for the year! This will end off with a challenging 6-day climb up Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's HIGHEST peak at 5,895m above sea level!

To aid my fundraising project, I will be doing biweekly tube station bucket collections, monthly bake sales (!!), organising event collaborations with other UCL societies, and more!

Why am I doing all of these? It is to support the brilliant and invaluable charity, Hope For Children. They believe that every child deserves a happy, healthy, and positive childhood by improving their access to education and healthcare, pulling them out of the gaps they have unfortunately fallen through.

So, where does your donation go? It is directed towards communities in North Tanzania. In fact, we will be visiting them during our trip in August 2019.

Here's a powerful quote from the charity founder's father: "In the last moments of life, will you be able to say that the world has been a better place because of your presence?"

Make your presence worthwhile. Any donation, big or small, would be so deeply appreciated. Please spread the word, and thank you so much in accompanying me through this fundraising journey!

With lots of <3 and gratitude,
Elly C. xxx

哈囉, 我發現你瀏覽了我的募款網頁!

我是就讀UCL(伦敦大学学院)英文系二年級的Elly,同時也是UCL RAG Hope For Children募款的成員。本年度我的募款目標是 (£2990/RM16,030/SGD5,260)!這筆金額將用於挑戰登非洲最高山Kilimanjaro (5,895尺高)的6天攻頂行程。


為什麼要這麼做呢?這一系列活動是為了幫助Hope For Children這個難能可貴的慈善機構,其宗旨是每位孩童都值得一個快樂、健康以及歡樂的童年。透過改善孩童接受教育的機會以及醫療健保,來幫助這些孩童的命運。

那麼你們的捐款會怎麼樣被使用呢? 這些款項會直接捐到北坦桑尼亞(North Tanzania)的一些社區,也就是我們將在2019年八月拜訪的這些社區。





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